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COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

100% of your gift will go directly to our established partner hospitals—operating where the need is greatest in Africa and Asia

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Your gift will help Fistula Foundation’s established partner hospitals and frontline healthcare workers as they respond to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Public health experts warn that the unfolding pandemic could decimate healthcare systems in the poorest nations in Africa and Asia—precisely where Fistula Foundation works. Through our established fistula treatment partners, we have a highly efficient way to deliver much-needed support directly into the hands of community-based medical teams on the front lines, where they can do the greatest good in areas of the greatest need.

Your gift today could help provide:

  • Personal protective equipment, like masks and gloves
  • Infection control trainings
  • Nursing and other staff salaries to prevent layoffs
  • Bleach and other cleaning fluid

Healthcare Workers Urgently Need Your Help

“It’s like sitting on a time bomb, not knowing what and when this may happen. One wonders, if this can happen to the strongest nations, what can happen to the world’s poorest nations like Somaliland?”  — Edna Adan, legendary activist and founder of the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital in Somaliland

Fistula Foundation works directly with vetted partner hospitals in more than twenty countries, led by trusted experts like Nobel laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege and legendary activist Edna Adan, both of whom we’ve worked with for over ten years. Our partners are true partners, and we have the responsibility to be there for them during this time of extraordinary need—but we can’t do it without your help.

Why You Can Trust Fistula Foundation’s Partner Hospitals

Our partners are already a trusted part of their communities. As the pandemic continues to unfold, community-based efforts will be more important than ever. In the face of such hardship, when access to government support is limited, grassroots organizations provide an important stop-gap. As first responders, these organizations help contain harm by triaging those most in need and deploying resources, local knowledge, and trusted care providers in ways no other organizations can.


Note:  The Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund is a short-term initiative and will end when a vaccine for the virus becomes available.

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