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An obstructed labor left Everlyn with obstetric fistula, a devastating childbirth injury. For 27 years, she was incontinent, ashamed, and alone. A single surgery changed her life.

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Your support gives a woman a new life.

At least one million women in Africa and Asia needlessly suffer from untreated fistula. They are women like Everlyn, from Zambia. A surgery that took less than one hour to perform changed her future forever.

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Obstetric fistula ranks as one of humanity’s most disabling injuries—it can feel like a life sentence

Everlyn was abandoned by her friends,
family, and community.

While giving birth at home in her village, Everlyn experienced obstructed labor for two days—without access to medical help. As a result, she suffered a childbirth injury known as obstetric fistula, which left her incontinent, humiliated, and shunned by her community. She leaked urine uncontrollably for the next 27 years of her life.

The good news?

Women like Everlyn don’t have to suffer.  A surgery that costs an average of $619 is the difference between pain and promise. Donate what you can today, and help us restore the health of 25 women by April 25.

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Our network of surgeons in more than 30 countries provides life-transforming surgeries to more fistula patients than any other organization in the world.

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Those with fistula are completely voiceless—young, female, poor, rural, and ostracized. They are the 21st century’s lepers.
Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist

You can change how this story ends

Women like Everlyn lack the resources to access treatment. They live a horror story filled with tragedy and loss. Some people even call fistula “a fate worse than death.” Your support is life-transforming. It gives a woman health and hope for the future. People like you gave Everlyn her life back.

Today, Everlyn (shown here with her husband) is healed, and happy.

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