Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a gift to Fistula Foundation.

No matter how you give, you’re helping support a mission that transforms the lives of women suffering with obstetric fistula.

Employer Match

Let your company increase your impact! Many companies have matching gift programs.

When you make a charitable donation, your company does the same. Both donations help heal women in need of treatment for obstetric fistula.

To verify if your company has a matching gift program, use the Employer Match Search Form available below. If your company is not listed, it might still have a matching gift program. Contact your HR department for more information.

Directions for submitting a matching gift request
  1. Make your donation and hang on to your receipt. Many companies will match donations for up to a year after the original gift was made.
  2.  Search for your company in the Employer Search Form in the accordion below
  3. Download your company’s matching gift form from the link provided in your search results.
  4. Print and complete your company’s form, and mail it to us at the address below. Or, if your company provides a link to an online portal in the search results, use the link provided to log in and complete a match request.

Fistula Foundation

1922 The Alameda, Suite 302

San Jose, CA 95126

Questions? Please e-mail us at office@fistulafoundation.org

Planned Giving

A growing number of our donors have worked directly with us to write Fistula Foundation into their will.

Choosing to include Fistula Foundation in your estate planning is a selfless act of generosity. It demonstrates your confidence in Fistula Foundation’s ability to deliver on our shared vision: a world without obstetric fistula.

There are many gift options available to you that can benefit fistula survivors after your lifetime. Some donors choose to make a charitable gift of a specific amount, while others decide that Fistula Foundation will receive a percentage of what they own, and others make Fistula Foundation a beneficiary of one of their assets.

We would be delighted to assist you with this meaningful decision. To explore this option, please email Kelly Anderson, Senior Director of Philanthropy at kelly@fistulafoundation.org, or call 408-249-9596.

Benefits of Leaving a Bequest to Fistula Foundation

Including a charitable donation to a nonprofit like Fistula Foundation in your planned giving arrangements can help offset the taxes on your estate. The specifics will vary based on your needs and can usually be changed at any time to adjust to your family’s needs. Please consult with a tax professional to evaluate your specific situation.

Types of Bequests
  • Specific Bequest: a specific bequest involves making a specific dollar amount from your estate to Fistula Foundation.
  • Percentage Bequest: another kind of specific bequest involves leaving a specific percentage of your overall estate to charity. For example, you may wish to leave 10% of your estate to Fistula Foundation.
  • Residual Bequest: a residual bequest is made from the balance of an estate after the will or trust has given away each of the specific bequests. A common residual bequest involves leaving a percentage of the remaining value (residue) of the estate to charity. For example, you may wish to leave 30% of the residue of your estate to Fistula Foundation.
Bequest Language Suggestions

We recommend consulting an attorney when preparing your will but have included some suggested language here to help guide your conversation. We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.

Bequest of a Specific Dollar Amount:
I hereby give, devise and bequeath _________ ($DOLLARS) to Fistula Foundation, a nonprofit organization located at 1922 The Alameda, Suite 302, San Jose CA, 95126, Federal Tax ID #77-0547201, for Fistula Foundation’s general use and purpose.

Percentage Bequest:
I hereby give, devise and bequeath _____% (PERCENTAGE) of my total estate, determined as of the date of my death, to Fistula Foundation, a nonprofit organization located at 1922 The Alameda, Suite 302, San Jose CA, 95126, Federal Tax ID #77-0547201, for Fistula Foundation’s general use and purpose.

Residual Bequest:
I hereby give, devise and bequeath Fistula Foundation, a nonprofit organization located at 1922 The Alameda, Suite 302, San Jose CA, 95126, Federal Tax ID #77-0547201, ______(ALL OR A PERCENTAGE) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to be used for Fistula Foundation’s general use and purpose.

Stock Gift

Stock gifts can be arranged with your financial advisor through most brokerage accounts.

We’re able to accept donations of appreciated securities (stock) by electronic transfer through the Depository Trust Company (DTC).

Directions for making a stock donation

To download these instructions:  click HERE

Or follow the instructions below:

  1. Please contact Kimberly Adinolfi at kimberly@fistulafoundation.org or (408) 249-9596  prior to completing this transaction to provide details on the number of shares and type of stock being donated. Taking this step will ensure that your stock gift can be easily tracked for tax purposes.
  2. Request a stock gift transfer through your broker using the following information:
    • Account: Charles Schwab – Sunnyvale Branch
    • Account Name: The Fistula Foundation
    • Account Number: 5196-7708
    • Schwab’s DTC clearing number is 0164, code 40.

For questions or assistance, your broker can contact:

Peter Trinh
Sand Hill Global Advisors, LLC
245 Lytton Avenue • Suite 300 • Palo Alto CA 94301
Direct tel:  650.687.8139 | Fax:  650.854.2941
Email: ptrinh@sandhillglobaladvisors.com

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Donations

You can make a secure, tax-deductible crypto donation using the Crypto Donation Utility below. You will receive an email tax receipt from The Giving Block, Fistula Foundation’s crypto-donations partner.

What are the advantages of donating in cryptocurrency?

Tax Benefits

  • Crypto donations are among the most tax-efficient ways to support fistula treatment
  • Please consult with your financial planner to determine your tax benefits. If you want to learn more about how donating crypto may lower your taxes, check out thegivingblock.com/faq.


  • Individuals making crypto donations can choose to remain anonymous.
  • Should you want to receive updates on the impact of your gift, you can elect to share your email.
Which cryptocurrencies can I donate?

Through our partnership with The Giving Block, we’re able to accept over 50 cryptocurrencies, with more being added regularly. You can see the current list on the widget’s drop down menu under “Other crypto options.”

If you are interested in donating a cryptocurrency not listed here, please reach out directly to Kelly Anderson, Senior Director of Philanthropy at kelly@fistulafoundation.org.

For more information

We’re happy to answer any questions about our work, or the logistics of donating crypto. Please contact Kelly Anderson, Senior Director of Philanthropy at kelly@fistulafoundation.org.


Ways to Give for Non-U.S. Donors

Supporters in the UK and Australia can provide tax-deductible gifts through the Foundation’s The Life You Can Save web pages.

Supporters in Canada can make tax-exempt gifts through Fistula Foundation’s RC Forward web page.

Donor-Advised Funds

Fistula Foundation welcomes gifts from donor-advised funds.

Setting up a DAF begins by opening a donor-advised fund with a community foundation or other sponsoring organization. For example, many large investment companies – Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab – offer donor-advised funds. There are no transaction fees and 100% of your approved grant recommendation will be sent to help strengthen our mission. 

Since so many of our donors are choosing this option, we offer you the option of using DAF Direct, a free and secure web payment option that allows donors to recommend grants from their donor-advised fund directly from our website. 

Search the DAF Direct utility

Are you ready to make a donor-advised gift now? Use this widget to make your gift:

Information for Advisors

Fistula Foundation welcomes inquiries from professional advisers. We are eager to help you assist your clients in fulfilling their philanthropic plans.

Gifts of Securities and Wire Transfers

To send Gifts of Securities and/or Arranging Wire Transfer Gifts, please see the following resources:

  1. Fistula Foundation’s U.S. Tax Identification Number is 77-0547201.
  2. For general inquiries, please contact us at dr@fistulafoundation.org or (408) 249-9596.
  3. If you are an executor or an attorney representing an estate, please contact Ms. Kelly Anderson, Senior Director of Philanthropy, at kelly@fistulafoundation.org or call (408) 249-9596.
Bequest Language

To name Fistula Foundation in your client’s will or trust, you can include the following bequest language:

I give and devise to Fistula Foundation, a not-for-profit institution organized under the laws of the State of California, having its principal offices at 1922 The Alameda, Suite 302, San Jose, CA 95126-1430 (U.S. Tax Identification Number 77-0547201), the sum of $_____________ (or state percentage of identified assets available for distribution) to be held, managed and distributed by Fistula Foundation, at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer, to help women suffering with obstetric fistula.

Thank you for visiting Fistula Foundation!

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