Nigeria carries the world’s highest burden of obstetric fistula. Widespread poverty and regional instability heighten the challenges women face in accessing maternal care.

Why We Work in Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, with over 175 million people. However, it continues to struggle with both poverty and population growth. A 2018 study from the Gates Foundation reported that by 2050, 40 percent of the world’s population living in extreme poverty will come from just two nations: the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria.

Nigeria also carries the burden of other poor health indicators. It has the world’s highest rate of HIV/AIDS-related deaths, and high rates of maternal and infant mortality. Only 43% of births in the country are attended by a skilled medical professional. It is not surprising, then, that Nigeria also has the world’s heaviest burden of obstetric fistula.
Regional conflict, political instability, and increasing poverty (particularly in rural areas) have further hindered access to healthcare in the country, especially for women. With female literacy rates below 50%, women with fistula face many obstacles in learning about their condition and accessing treatment. Urgent intervention is needed to overcome these critical barriers to fistula care in Nigeria.

What You Help Us Do

We are investing in the following areas to build Nigeria’s in-country medical services and provide life-transforming surgery to as many women as possible:

Meet Our Partners

We identify local surgical teams in Nigeria already successfully treating women with fistula—and then work to amplify their efforts.

Who are our current partners?

Evangel Vesico-Vaginal Fistula Center

  • Location: Bukuru, Gombe, Jalingo, Jos, Kano, Lagos, Makurdi and Shendam
  • Partner since: 2011

Family Life Centre/VVF Hospital

  • Location: Uyo
  • Partner since: 2019

Fistula Foundation, Nigeria

  • Location: Kano
  • Partner since: 2013

Dame Olayinka Obaleye Obstetric Fistula Center

  • Location: Ilesha
  • Partner since: 2022

Dogon Nasara Fistula Foundation

  • Location: Damaturu and Zaria
  • Partner since: 2023
Who are our past partners?

Babbar Ruga Fistula Centre

  • Location: Katsina
  • Partner In: 2014

Laure Fistula Centre

  • Location: Kano
  • Partner In: 2014

Mariya Sanusi Maternity Hospital

  • Location: Kano
  • Partner in: 2015

Nigeria National Fistula Program

  • Location: Katsina, Kano, Sokoto
  • Partner in: 2022

University College Hospital

  • Location: Ibadan
  • Partner in: 2015

Usmanu Danfodiyo Teaching Hospital, Sokoto

  • Location: Sokoto
  • Partner in: 2015
How much funding have we granted?

Below are funding totals since the start of each partnership.

Current Partners

  • Evangel Vesico-Vaginal Fistula Center (EVFC): $3,606,852
  • Family Life Centre: $363,652
  • Fistula Foundation Nigeria: $293,800
  • Dame Olayinka Obaleye Obstetric Fistula Center: $223,382.70
  • Dogon Nasara Fistula Foundation: $39,996

Past Partners

  • Babbar Ruga Fistula Centre: $72,770
  • Laure Fistula Centre: $66,392
  • Mariya Sanusi Maternity Hospital: $59,193
  • Nigeria National Fistula Program: $1,089,947
  • University College Hospital: $88,017
  • Usmanu Danfodiyo Teaching Hospital, Sokoto: $37,810

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