Two decades after the tragic Rwandan genocide, continued civil unrest and limited access to healthcare services prevent women from seeking fistula treatment.

Why We Work in Rwanda

Two decades after the tragic Rwandan genocide, Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa. Over 80% of the population lives in rural areas and around two thirds live in poverty.

Despite these challenges, Rwanda has made substantial progress in its maternal health indicators in recent years: the maternal mortality rate has dropped from 750 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2005 to 480 in 100,000 and 69% of deliveries are performed at health centers with the assistance of skilled personnel.

Nevertheless, there continues to be a growing backlog of untreated cases in Rwanda as years of civil unrest and limited access to fistula services prevented women from seeking treatment.

What You Help Us Do

We made the following investments to build Rwanda’s in-country medical services and provide repair surgery to as many women as possible:

Meet Our Partners

We identify local surgical teams in Rwanda already successfully treating women with fistula—and then work to amplify their efforts.

Who are our current partners?

Ubi Caritas

  • Location: Kigali
  • Partner Since: 2021
How much funding have we granted?

Below are funding totals since the start of each partnership.

Current Partners

  • Ubi Caritas: $76,320

Past Partners

  • University Central Hospital of Kigali (in partnership with Eagle Research Center): $50,185

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