Heal the Globe, One Woman at a Time

Avelina (left) and Venacia (right), two fistula patients from Angola, cook a meal together while awaiting free, life-transforming surgeries at Kalukembe Hospital.

There’s a magic to the holidays, unmatched by any other time of year. Feelings of warmth and joy rush over us, as we gather with friends and family to toast what life has brought us and usher in the coming of a new year. We take stock of what matters, and celebrate the small things that become familiar songs in our hearts, like a warm meal on a cold day. These moments become memories that stamp our souls, and make the world a kinder place.

I’m blessed to know, on a personal level, so many of our kind supporters whose selflessness has been changing women’s lives for years. The Fistula Foundation family is loyal, gracious, and humble. It’s filled with generous people like you who delight in bringing joy—the sparkle of life—to women who have known the dark and isolating pain of fistula for far too long.

This week, I saw that generosity on full display. Our community rose to the challenge and exceeded our $200,000 goal for helping women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thanks to supporters like you, it was our biggest Giving Tuesday ever.

Clarice, a fistula patient from Angola, is featured on this year’s Holiday card.

Giving Tuesday has come and gone. But the holiday season offers other opportunities to give the gift of healing and hope. Our annual holiday card—this year featuring Clarice from Angola—is a great way to help fistula survivors while also connecting with loved ones. Just make a donation of $15 or more in a loved one’s name, and we will mail a personalized tribute card on your behalf. (For the best chance of delivery by Christmas, please order by December 15.) Our holiday card is one of my favorite ways to engage with members of our community at this time of year.

Changing one woman’s world forever is a mission that matters to you. It matters to me, too. This holiday season, let’s continue healing the globe, one woman at a time. The world could use a little more gentleness, a little more sharing, and a lot more of you.

With heartfelt thanks,

Kate Grant
CEO, Fistula Foundation

Published on December 3, 2021

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