Meet Cristobel from Zambia

Cristobel is a proud mother of three. She developed a severe perineal tear—a childbirth injury similar to fistula—after delivering her most recent child, an 11-pound baby. The tear left her leaking feces.

“I have no peace and freedom to mingle with people, because I fear that I will soil myself and people will see me,” Cristobel said.

Living with this condition was miserable, but Cristobel couldn’t afford to seek care on her own. One day, her sister—who also suffered from a childbirth injury—called Cristobel to tell her about the free treatment being offered at Mbala General Hospital, a facility in the Fistula Foundation Treatment Network (FFTN) in Zambia. Cristobel called the hospital the same day.

After receiving life-changing care at Mbala General Hospital, she is grateful for the fresh future that lies ahead of her.

Cristobel is one of hundreds of women who’ve been helped by FFTN in Zambia. Thanks to the amazing supporters who stepped up in a big way to support our Mother’s Day campaign, even more women—including moms like Cristobel—will receive the life-transforming care they’ve been dreaming of. 

On behalf of mothers across the globe, thank you so very much!

Published on May 9, 2022

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