Supporter Spotlight: Merry Moyer

Merry Moyer accepted a challenge from her local mothers’ group to do something outside of her comfort zone. She kept coming back to the idea of raising funds for maternal care. Following the birth of her first child, Merry couldn’t shake how unfair it was that women around the world did not have the same access to medical care that she did.

Merry’s initial idea was to invite a few friends over for a small screening of A Walk to Beautiful in her living room, but her husband inspired her to think bigger. In the end, Merry held an event called, “A Walk to Beautiful Fundraiser and Vigil for Healing Mothers.” The name spoke to the heart of the matter for Merry. To her, it was about more than just raising awareness about obstetric fistula—it was about honoring all women and mothers who have had traumatic experiences in childbirth—including women she knows personally.

With the support of 16 attendees and many more who could not make it in person, Merry’s event raised enough to fund three life-transforming fistula repair surgeries. It also provided an intimate space of healing for the women who participated and shared their stories.

“It makes me so incredibly sad that [a woman] would be isolated from her community because of something that wasn’t her fault— [something] that was totally preventable and totally treatable as well. So, I think it’s our duty to do something about it,” she said.

On behalf of the women we serve, Fistula Foundation is grateful for supporters like Merry who take action in changing the narrative of obstetric fistula—one woman at a time.


Published on: Sep 15, 2017 

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