Bwalya Chomba

Bwalya Magawa Chomba joined Fistula Foundation as program manager in 2017, and is now the program director for Zambia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from Mulungushi University in Kabwe, Zambia, and a master’s in public health from the University of Lusaka (UNILUS). Bwalya is responsible for supporting referrals for fistula patients to partner hospitals, and serves as a key liaison between the hospitals and the community. In her role as director, she also strengthens partnerships with government ministries and community and faith-based organizations.

Bwalya has been working as a social worker and community development officer for 18 years. Most recently, prior to joining Fistula Foundation, she worked with the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare in Nakonde District. Bwalya has also worked with Caritas / Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Mpika Diocese. There, she served as a monitoring and evaluation officer, coordinating revisions of project strategies with key stakeholders, and ensuring a shared understanding of strategic and informational needs. During her tenure as district development facilitator with the NGO Africare Zambia, she learned about obstetric fistula and took up an active role in mobilizing fistula patients, successfully referring 200 women for life-transforming surgery.

Bwalya has always believed that local community participation is an important way to achieve sustainable development, particularly in the fight against obstetric fistula.

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