The New York Times – How to Make the World a Better Place

If you have a subscription to The New York Times, you can check out Nicholas Kristof’s article, “How to Make The World a Better Place.” This article is part of “A Year of Living Better,” a monthly online series of how-to guides for subscribers that will help improve your life, community and world. Fistula Foundation was mentioned in this article:

“The Foundation has supported fistula surgeries in many parts of the world, restoring hope to women and girls who thought that their lives were essentially over. I’ve never seen a smile to match that of a teenage girl whose fistula has been repaired, who has her life back.”

Read the full article below:

How to Make the World a Better Place

Even when we start out from a sense of duty, that initial sense of sacrifice often evolves into exhilaration and satisfaction. So, here’s how to go out and change the world!

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