Your Donations at Work: Uganda

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda (CoRSU) | Thanks to successful patient outreach efforts, our partners at CoRSU report that they were able to treat 136 women last year, surpassing their goal of providing free fistula repair surgeries to 100 women. In addition to outreach, their program includes follow-up visits at local screening sites closer to patients’ home villages, so CoRSU can ensure that women are healing properly following surgery. A small portion of funds also supported fistula care training for nurses, and helped provide training for roughly 100 village heath workers so they can better identify women suffering with fistula.

Uganda Village Project | In 2016, your support enabled our partner Uganda Village Project to conduct extensive outreach and help women access fistula treatment. They were also able to pilot an extended reintegration program for several fistula patients. They write: “Our women were eager students and so grateful for the program. One participant, whose fistula was successfully repaired, was still wet while participating in this program, but all of the women continued to provide a positive environment for her as she continued to heal. Despite still being wet upon her return home, her spirits were high. She mentioned frequently that she was happy to have the extra support after her surgery to help her through the struggle of continuing to be wet.” Encouraged by the program’s success, Uganda Village Project plans to continue advocating for more robust social reintegration of fistula patients in Uganda, where these services are not typically offered.

Donate to Uganda Village Project now and help women access fistula treatment. 

Bonded by a shared first name and their experience as fistula survivors, Evelyn A. and Evelyn N. were among the first to participate in a successful reintegration program piloted by our partner Uganda Village Project. Photo courtesy of Uganda Village Project.
This story originally appeared in the Spring 2017 edition of our newsletter, Transformations.
Published on: Apr 13, 2017

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