Fistula Foundation featured prominently in new 10th anniversary edition of Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save

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Ethicist Peter Singer brings his landmark book up to date, unpacking how we can give with maximum impact, where the need is greatest

Since 2014, The Life You Can Save organization has recommended Fistula Foundation as one of its Top Charities that it believes provides the greatest good for funds spent.Founded by renowned Princeton ethicist Peter Singer, and named after his seminal book, this watchdog organization is one of  the nonprofit sector’s most authoritative voices on Effective Altruism.

Now, we are excited to announce that Dr. Singer has released a new, expanded version of The Life You Can Save—a 10th Anniversary Edition! The book is available in multiple formats, including print, e-book, and audiobook. What’s more, the audiobook is narrated by celebrities including Kristen Bell, Paul Simon, Stephen Fry, and Marc Evan Jackson!

Paul Simon & Peter Singer applaud Fistula Foundation on CBS News!

In this segment from CBS News, Grammy Award-winning musician Paul Simon and Princeton ethicist Peter Singer highlight Fistula Foundation as an effective and trustworthy organization. Jump to 4:40 in the video link below to hear more!

“You can know exactly where your donation is going, and what it is doing.” – Peter Singer

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As a Fistula Foundation supporter, you’re already an effective altruist!

Fistula Foundation is proud to be a part of the growing Effective Altruism movement. We remain steadfastly committed to getting as much funding as possible to our partners in the field, because that’s where women’s lives are changed.

“Obstetric fistula is a hidden tragedy that devastates lives. Fistula Foundation runs a high-quality, cost-effective global program, which I am proud to support.” – Peter Singer

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What is effective altruism?

Effective altruism is an approach to philanthropic giving that focuses on maximizing the good from one’s charitable donations. This evidence-based approach first identifies issues where the next dollar spent could have the greatest impact on human welfare, and then supports the most effective charities tackling these issues.

In his book, The Life You Can Save, ethicist Peter Singer asserts charities operating effectively in low-resource countries—where poverty and its effects are most pronounced—are best positioned to make the largest impact.

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Supporter Story: Meet Andrei Smith

Andrei Smith is a car salesman who donates 5% of his profits to Fistula Foundation. In this blog post, he shares his thoughts on effective giving and ethical business, as inspired by Peter Singer and Effective Altruism.

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