Meet Jalpa from Nepal

Jalpa, a smiling fistula patient

Meet Jalpa, a 35-year-old woman who has endured more pain and suffering than any one person should have to face in their lifetime. Unfortunately, for the women we serve, suffering is commonplace.

At just seven years old, Jalpa was married. She became pregnant several years later, and during childbirth, the baby died. This happened again, and again. Jalpa would lose four more babies until she was finally blessed with a beautiful little girl. Amid these traumatic births, Jalpa became incontinent. She leaked urine uncontrollably, and doctors at her local hospital told her that they couldn’t help her. “I [was told] that there was no treatment for my problem, so I never tried to seek help,” said Jalpa.

More often than not, women with fistula do not have the resources or knowledge to access the help that they need. Thankfully, Jalpa heard that a woman from her village sought treatment at Surkhet Fistula Centre for the same condition that Jalpa was suffering from. That woman returned healed. Jalpa went to Surkhet, hopeful that she would find the same outcome.

Today, Jalpa is dry, and excited for what the future holds. She has a new life. “I never dreamt that I could be well again,” said Jalpa. “Now, I can live a full life, and gain back respect in my village.”

Thank you for showing women around the world that a happy, healthy life is within reach!

Published on April 9, 2024

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